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Rush Shipping via USPS Priority Mail

Free Shipping on All Orders in the USA

For a limited time, we’re offering free shipping on all orders inside the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, other protectorates, plus APOs and FPOs).

If you qualify for the free shipping, all you need to do is check out normally and no shipping charges will apply. Simple as that. Your order will otherwise be fulfilled and shipped out with the same speed and care as all other orders from our facilities right here in Michigan.

Order Fulfillment

Once we receive a completed order, in almost every case (about 99.8% of the time) we ship it out either that same day or the next business day. For domestic orders via the standard Priority Mail option, your order will arrive in approximately 2 to 4 business days.

As for international shipments, Priority Mail will usually arrive within 7 to 10 business days but it ultimately depends on how quick your customs can process it, and how efficiently your postal system operates.

International Customers

Please note that it is your responsibility to make sure you comply with all of your government’s laws regarding importing products. Additionally, you are responsible for any customs and brokers fees that may apply to ship to your address.

For international orders we ONLY ship via the U.S. Postal system because it’s far easier to process the order and we’ve had UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc. charge outrageous fees in addition to what we may charge you to ship the package. As for the U.S. Postal system, there may or may not be fees but if you do get charged they are much more reasonable.

Shipping Example

In most situations if you purchase on Monday and pay for USPS Express Mail, the order will be fulfilled either that same day or no later than Tuesday, and will arrive at your location the day after it was shipped (for most cities). We do try to fulfill most orders the same day but it is not guaranteed.

If you absolutely need an order sent out that same day we can still fulfill the order but you must call us at (800) 918-5390. There may be an additional fee of up to $10.00 for expedited processing on top of the other shipping costs.

For these orders we can ship via Fed Ex Overnight via our own account only, no exceptions. The cut-off for same day processing is 1:00 P.M. (EST).

Return Policy

For more information about our standard return policy, please see our Satisfaction Guarantee and Warranty.