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Universal Quantum 3D glasses are comfortable, light-weight and fit amazingly well.

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  • FREE Lifetime Customer Support ($35 value)
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Received these glasses a few days ago and have used them several times. First, they are much better than the standard Samsung glasses, more comfortable, covers the eyes beter, and look better. Second, they were easy and fast to program to my TV. Third, by buying 4 pair they are economical. I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for 3D glasses. Cliff Walden, via Facebook

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What Year was your Samsung 3D TV Manufactured?

Samsung was one of the first television producers to begin manufacturing 3D glasses and TV's. Between the years of 2008-2010 all of their televisions used IR (Infrared) to connect or 'sync' 3D glasses to their televisions.

In 2011, they began manufacturing televisions that use Bluetooth technology.

2008 and PriorDLP & Infrared (IR)

2009 and 2010Infrared (IR)

2011 and BeyondBluetooth (RF)

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Samsung 2008 and Prior
Samsung 2009 and 2010
Samsung 2011 and Beyond